Log your work

If you did at least 5 minutes of real work on a personally meaningful project, then you’ve done the minimum for Habit Jam.

You’ll be able to track your progress by clicking the button below. But first a few definitions.

“5 Minutes”

Just give it what you have for the day. If that’s five minutes, work five minutes. This is about facing the fear of creation, not about short-term productivity. You can (and should) work more if you’ve got it in you today. But 5 minutes is fine, if that’s all you’ve got.

“Real Work”

If you’re a writer, that means writing. If you’re a painter, that means painting. If you have multiple pursuits, pick one. This rule might seem overly restrictive, but too often artists pretend that they’re doing their work when they’re doing work-like substitutes: messing with the fonts on their website, “Marketing Research” on Twitter. These may be important, and are related to your work: but they aren’t your work. If you aren’t doing the real work you may be lying to yourself, you aren’t facing the fear of creation, and you don’t qualify to log your progress today.

“Personally Meaningful”

In other words, something that you want to do – not something that your mom, your spouse, your boss, or the wider culture wants you to do. We need practice following our own star, it’s all too easy to get distracted by someone else’s.


Can be anything, as long as it’s your real work. Again, no marketing (unless your work is marketing), no peripheral tasks, no research, no feeding yourself a lie.

If you’ve done work in line with the guidelines above, then click the button below to log your progress.